To sign up for Auto-Debit, click here for the necessary form.

If you pay your assessments on-line, please check the mailing address for your HOA payments to make sure your check is being mailed to the following address:

[Your Community Name]
c/o CAS Inc
PO Box 11973
Newark, NJ 07101-4973

You may call the corporate office at 301-840-1800 to verify your balance if you are not sure.

You may also pay your assessments by check, using the coupons or invoices sent by Community Association Services (CAS) or through your own bank's bill payer service.
You can go to and click on the link that says, "Pay HOA Assessment".
The bank offers the option of payment by e-check and they also offer the option of payment by credit card. Using a credit card will incur a "convenience fee" cost (which the Association does not receive).
To exercise this option, you will need to have your CAS account number - that can be found on the coupon or invoice that CAS sends to you.